Experience. Expertise. Leadership. Business Critical Software Engineering.


Clear Measure is an expert software engineering firm that helps companies grow. We build and integrate the software systems that are critical to improving a business’ ability to make money, be more productive, and enable new capabilities. These are the database systems, ecommerce systems, web applications, business intelligence systems, data analytics, records management, and financial systems that are critical to business operations.

Our clients trust and depend on us to deliver outcomes, and to take ownership of even their most complex development and technology challenges. We provide the experience, technical leadership and process to surface and overcome risk early in projects, leading to clear, measurable business results and high success rates.

Custom software systems are a a major source of competitive advantage and comprise the core business systems for our Clients. In addition to automating key business processes, these systems support high transaction volumes, large populations of users and data, and heavily impact both top line revenue and operating efficiency. They have to work, and work well, 24x7x365. 

We work hard to earn our Clients’ trust every day. We actively cultivate the best senior engineering expertise,  software design and architecture capabilities, and technical innovation. We have the experience to provide business and technical leadership gained from decades of delivering business critical custom software systems with success rates that are two and a half times the industry average. We relentlessly drive to clear business benefits, and always seek to establish long term relationships of mutual trust and respect with the success of our clients our top priority.

Growth. Differentiation. Speed. Agility. Efficiency. 

We believe any technology investment should begin and end with a clear and measurable definition of success and an outcome that represents an order of magnitude of business benefit. Here are some of the outcomes we help our clients realize.

New Capabilities for Competitive Advantage

  • Quickly deploy new and better services
  • Differentiate your offerings
  • Enable and deliver services that your competitors can’t

Increased Top Line Revenue Opportunities

  • Grow existing customers with new offerings
  • Acquire new customers with unique services

Faster Time to Market

  • Decreased design and development time
  • Beat competitors to market for first mover advantage

Improved Business Agility

  • Adapt with speed to changing business conditions
  • Quickly take advantage of new market opportunities

Lower Risk

  • Decreased design and development risk with expert engineers
  • Decreased operational risk from better system stability and performance

Increased Productivity

  • Enable people to do more, faster
  • Better automation of key business processes
  • Better integration with legacy systems, partners, and suppliers

Lower Capital and Operating Expenses

  • Better design and engineering means less ongoing development investment
  • Systems stability and efficiency lowers infrastructure and support costs
  • Built-in integration architecture lowers the cost of building new capabilities

Better Systems Stability & Performance

  • Better user and customer adoption
  • Lower support costs
  • Minimized downtime
  • Increased customer and user loyalty and utilization