Careers: Calling all software architects. . .


Clear Measure is a company with software architecture at its core.  In order to work with CEOs and other senior executives to help accomplish their objectives, we deploy skilled software architects that both know the breadth of technology available but also have the business acumen and communication skills necessary to speak the language of the business.  All of our architects come from a software development background and have gained business experience and insight throughout their careers.  If you are a technology leader eager to apply your skills at the next level, please contact us.  All of our full-time employees receive great health and medical benefits, first class office space and equipment, and the opportunity to taken their career to the next level.

Jeffrey Palermo

P.S.  You’ll be working with a guy named Jeffrey Palermo (, who has a track record for developing and growing ambitious technologists.  If you land at Clear Measure, you will not only provide mission-critical services for some very interesting companies, but you will also grow professionally at a rate you didn’t think was possible.  Take a look at the jobs below, and please apply.  Even if you don’t feel qualified for one, please contact us.  We might be able to craft a role for you.  Our growth philosophy is to grow the company around the right people, not create “slots” and then search for people to fill them.

If you have any questions, contact Jeffrey on twitter: